The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) branch have demonstrated their interest in bitcoin and blockchain technology. On May 2 DHS granted three blockchain-based new businesses $2.25 million for innovative work. Taking after this declaration, the precise following day Homeland Security’s USCIS office nitty gritty they are thinking about bitcoin for US Visa application and payment charges.

The blockchain startup projects are funded with $2.25 million USD, that is receiving DHS fund including Blockcypher, a bitcoin blockchain surveillance company, digital bazaar, and a blockchain based firm Evernym. the acting DHS Secretary for Science and Technology Dr. Robert Griffin, stated in his statement that, “The Small Business Innovation Research Projects (SBIR) program enables us to capture some of the best scientific thinking to find solutions to apply in the current threat landscape.”

The Immigration service and Citizenship of U.S. considering bitcoin as a mode of payment for visa application and service fees. The IPO division chief Lori Mackenzie said, “USCIS is currently considering issues involving virtual currency such as Bitcoin,” and his National Stakeholder report says:

“USCIS cannot provide blanket assurances regarding any particular form of transfer, but we will continue to evaluate evidence provided by petitioners to determine whether the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements have been met, including evidence that the funds invested belong to the petitioner, and were acquired, directly and indirectly, by lawful means.”-