Among the two proposals of increasing bitcoin’s transaction capacity, one of them is SegWit2x has been declined to integrate the Bitcoin Core code repository by the Viacoin the creator of BTCDrak and Bitcoin Core developer.

The scaling proposal controversy is digging deep as the deadline of the SegWit2x code release day (1st August) come closer. He stated while criticizing the proposal:

“I am utterly appalled by this proposal both technically, ethically, and by the process which it has adopted. Hard forks require consensus from the entire ecosystem to prevent a fork, fund loss, confusion and harm to the robust guarantees of the Bitcoin system has thus far displayed.”-cryptocoinsnews

SegWit2x developers have also been criticized by BTCDrak for rushing too fast for the implementation of the proposal, he said:

“For all the talk of how important “alternative implementations” are, how does this rash and rushed actively promote an ecosystem of multiple implementors? By encouraging fast upgrades, you are centralizing the ecosystem even further.”-cryptocoinsnews

BTCDrak contrasted this process with BIP141 the actual SegWit. According to him it has the highest level confirmed after much testing. It is hostile, he says, to treat a framework that has a $40 billion market capitalization in such a way the SegWit2x supports have.

BTCDrak closed his message by blaming supporters for utilizing intimidation to constrain their motivation on the Bitcoin community.

“I cannot support this proposal in the current form and timeline, nor do I support the coercion that has been used behind closed doors to try and gain more support (not limited to, but including approaching company investors to twist arms and veiled threats of blacklisting companies from further funding/collaboration).”

There are many other like core developer BTCDrak to criticize the SegWit2x and joined the “Bitcoin Civil War.”