Bitxoxo welcomes CEO Roger Ver and COO Mate Tokay onto the XOXO token advisory board.

XOXO tokens come from the largest bitcoin exchange in India. The exchange running successfully since 2016 and providing the super secure and fastest platform to buy, sell, hold and use bitcoin to its users.

Bitxoxo has launched its Pre-Sale on April 18 and in 24 hours and has sold more than 40% of XOXO tokens.

Bitxoxo has the capability to accomplish its milestones which are hence, proved by the exchange in a span of 2 years Bitxoxo has more than 1,00,000+ user base and be the first bitcoin exchange to launch Physical Pre-Paid Gift card, Referral system, and ICO Launchpad.

Bitxoxo feels proud to announce that we are the first Indian exchange to launch our own ICO token. XOXO tokens support Bitcoin Cash and the fund raised by the token will be used for the expansion of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology worldwide.

Getting together on board with Roger Ver and Mate Tokay, Bitxoxo will bring the enormous benefit to the Bitcoin Cash community by working on expansion plans:

• Bitcoin Cash marketplace with top 15 cryptocurrencies and more in order book model.

• First PoS App for Bitcoin Cash

• Bitcoin Cash e-University Certification Program to spread the awareness of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to the mass and help people to become certified professionals etc.

• Bitxoxo International Debit Card for all users.

• Bitxoxo Incubator to provide all the necessary needs like funds and advisory for the new blockchain startups.

• The expansion of Bitxoxo cryptocurrency exchange worldwide starting from Australia, Singapore, and UAE etc.

Roger Ver, CEO of

The founder of or well said the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’. Roger Ver is an entrepreneur and an inspiration for many crypto lovers. He is an early investor in bitcoin and the first Bitcoin angel investor for numerous cryptocurrency projects. Including The bitcoin foundation,, Ripple, Kraken, Bitpay etc.

Mate Tokay, COO of

Mate Tokay the Chief Operating Officer of used to be a professional athlete and a cryptocurrency miner before he co-founded Mate is the voice for Bitcoin in every conference and public speaking. He focuses on larger vision and goal to achieve his passion for holding the top position in cryptocurrency industry trends while spreading the awareness and popularity of Bitcoin worldwide.

Bitxoxo is extremely fortunate and excited to have such level of professionals of cryptocurrency industry on XOXO token advisory board!