Bitxoxo had an amazing journey of growth since 2016 and now when we are moving to achieve our new milestone. Bitxoxo got the hands of some outstanding and experienced personalities of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry with us.

Bitxoxo has launched its Pre-Sale on April 18, 2018, and in 24 hours we sold out more than 40% off XOXO tokens.

Bitxoxo feels proud to announce that we are the first Indian exchange to launch our own ICO token. XOXO tokens support Bitcoin Cash and the fund raised by the token will be used for the expansion of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology worldwide.

Now we introduce you to our excellent members who joined the bitXOXO token advisory board for working together to accelerate larger vision and business to the higher level of success.

All members of the bitXOXO advisory board have unique quality, that will be gathered together and shared with each member involved in management board to work accordingly on each segment towards the achievement and progress of XOXO token.

Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew endures the 20 years of experience in investment banking, fintech & real estates. He worked on Wall Street for 10+ years in trading and investment banking. The 3 years’ experience in trading and investment in cryptocurrencies. Being a part of $100 million Crypto Hedge Fund based in NYC and the Caymans, Stephen always engaged in monetizing day to day operation of the fund from analyzing investments to speaking with high net worth individuals and family offices.

Sydney Ifergan

Sydney holds a degree in computer science and has 20+ years commercial experience. He has been a Chief Marketing Officer and spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena, consulting team for online marketing and the utilization of technology best results.

Robby Schwertner

Robby Schwertner is an expert and professional focusing on the enlargement and success of cryptocurrency and blockchain project around the globe. Robby is the sole voice for all the international public conference, seminars and events addressing the Bitxoxo worldwide.

Boris Otonicar

Boris Otonicar is a Blockchain Specialist. He consults the company on Blockchain issues, development and operates as an ICO advertiser for the project.