The most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin is spreading on a vast scale in financial markets. From the increasing number of trading and payment mode, firstly retailers and now Japans’ largest airline Peach Aviation has announced to accept payment in bitcoin for airline tickets.

Peach Aviation in Japan is well known for its low-cost airfare since 2011 and offering great service to its passengers. The company has made an announcement according to which the travelers will be able to purchase their air tickets using bitcoin by the end of 2017.

The Founder and CEO of Peach Aviation Ltd. Shinichi Inoue said:

“We want to encourage visitors from overseas, and the revitalization of Japan’s regions, this is a real first step in partnerships for Japan, and we are aiming for more company and service tie-ups.”- Bloomberg

The Japanese airline will soon be joining the other global airline services that accept bitcoin as a mode of payment for airline tickets. The flight such as Polish airline LOT which began to accept bitcoin in August 2015 for flight tickets. Along with Airbatic and Latvian Aviation Service. The announcement is a great news for bitcoin users and frequent travelers by getting an opportunity to travel 22 destinations across Asia using bitcoin.