Bitcoin breaking its records and setting new highs. Where there could any place for a bubble to get busted. The entire cryptocurrencies market capitalization reached approx. 800 percent this year with the huge profits gained in Bitcoin that have surged almost 350% reaching the new high of $4,707 according to the Coindesk, Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).

Bitcoin with all other cryptocurrencies have shown a promising future with sudden price rises like Ethereum and Ripple. The Best Bitcoin Exchange in India moving forward in crypto currencies market along with Bitcoin.

The major bubble took place long ago in the year 1990. Since then there came many investors and analyst, who claim for the dotcom bubble such as co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Group. Looking at the Bitcoin charts you may find the similar graph pattern as it experienced in 1990’s.

The bubble has similarities in many forms, where Bitcoin is now looked upon as an investment profit asset. It is hard to predict for any sort of bubble happening in Bitcoin till the price may reach to $5,000 soon. The believers in cryptocurrency also predict the price of Bitcoin may show the continuous surge till it reaches the $10,000 in coming few years.