The most controversial scaling proposal of bitcoin Segwit2x is moving ahead with the support of bitcoin network’s enterprises and miners according to its previously declared timeline.

According to the coindesk, the news regarding the new code release was confirmed through an email send by the Bloq co-founder and Segwit2x lead developer Jeff Garzik. According to which the new code is all set to be released tomorrow (Friday), after the two-week examination of an alpha release. This release is all set to address issues and comment on the initial version.

The release of the new code is relied upon to stamp another stage for the proposition, which has been adulated by some as a practical solution to the network apparent limit issues and scorned by others as an arrangement that misjudges the idea of bitcoin advancement and the network’s expected plan.

The new release is said to be the one of its own kind that could unite the biggest unforeseen of companies and mining pools ever in support of a scaling proposition. Further, it is supported by a vast part of miners implies, if released, the code could rapidly pick up the essential backing from the network to initiate and activate the upgrade.

If is said that if the development goes on in continuation as it is planned, the bitcoin’s long requested scaling optimization SegWit could be enacted and activated before August, with a hard fork to double the block size slated for 3 months after the fact. This change, however, remains a matter of debate and scrutinize.