Jimmy Wales, the founder of the most successful informational website Wikipedia. Wales very well understand the cryptocurrency and fond of the bitcoin community. He published a Reddit post detailing his upcoming project Wikitribune. He also appreciated the bitcoin and the generosity of Wikipedia before and after accepting donations in bitcoin in the post.

According to the bitcoin.com Jimmy Wales post says:

“At my new project Wikitribune I am going with a no-paywall “monthly supporter” model but I wanted to also reach out directly to you so you’ll know that I’m particularly thinking of this community as a great example of how lots of things are underserved by traditional media models.”

Wales Interest in Bitcoin
Jimmy Wales has great respect and fondness for bitcoin and its users. In 2014, he started with virtual currency bitcoin. The very year in March he tweeted “playing with BTC.” Where he received 5 bitcoin donations on his posted BTC address.

He also shared his experience with bitcoin being a newbie on Reddit after making an account in Coinbase. Where he mentioned the support from the bitcoin community and positive outlook and answers for every question he kept on asking.

The Wikimedia Foundation has released a post on 30th July 2014 mentioning now they accept a donation in bitcoin. And found the way out to overcome the legal hurdles with the help of bitcoin exchange. The post released on blog stated:

“We identified a new way to work around past technical challenges, as well as to minimize the legal risks of accepting bitcoin. Through our work with Coinbase, a bitcoin wallet and payment processor, we’re able to immediately convert bitcoin to U.S. dollars, requiring minimal technical implementation on our end.”- bitcoin.com

Wales Project Wikitribune

Wales experience and passion for bitcoin encouraged him developing a new website Wikitribune for this he wants to hire high quality and experienced bitcoin journalist for his new project Wikitribune. The website where he plans to set up a neutral news reporting and journalist paid through donation received in bitcoin and blockchain technology.