The Indian government has formed an Inter-Disciplinary Committee on March 2017 including officials from multiple government grounds to examine the virtual currencies and take a decision to ban or regulate it in India.

Recently the government officials said that the digital currencies are becoming the matter to look upon seriously and while using a social media site Twitter, they announced the open invitation for the Indian citizen to give their suggestion and comment on the virtual currencies framework. People can post their comment on the government’s website, i.e. mygov. in. The last date for the comment submission will be 31st May 2017.

Indian Government Invites its Citizens to Comment on Cryptocurrencies

This invite to the Indian citizen might be the great help for the government to revive their data and knowledge they collected for the most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin and give their verdict on the same. The bitcoin exchange in India are looking forward to the positive response from the government.

The people asked to give their reviews on virtual currencies in favor or against according to their will. The bitcoin should be regulated or banned in India is a huge decision for which people are asked to give their comment on. As with the regulation of bitcoin in India, people need to suggest the measures such as the consumer protection assurance and the governing body which will be monitoring the virtual currencies.

The virtual currency bitcoin has been making new records of a hit, crossed over $1900 in the last few days. Becoming the best investment vehicle for the people as many of them are waiting to get the best bitcoin rate to invest in the virtual currency.