The chief technician for Goldman Sachs predicts the bitcoin price making new high records by crossing over $3,600 soon.

Earlier prediction of Sheba Jafari of analyzing cryptocurrency and predicting the price of bitcoin may fall temporarily below $2,000, turns out to be bullish.

The value of bitcoin surged high to $3000 on 12 June, later tumbling down to $1,836 according to BPI (Bitcoin Price Index) coindesk in a short span of time. Later the BTC price surged again reaching to $2,700 across all major bitcoin exchange in a middle of progress on its technology roadmap.

Sheba Jafari the Goldman Sachs analyst believes that the bitcoin price is in the period of fluctuation, at least until a new wave of price growth begins again.

According to the Jafari conclusion,

“Anything above 3,000 (June 13th high) will suggest potential to have already started wave V, which again has a minimum target at 2,988 and scope to reach 3,691,” -coindesk