The largest online bank is the first one to accept direct bitcoin integration for its customer. The dealing made easy for the customer to buy and sell bitcoin. Despite the other banks that are still trying to let down the cryptocurrencies  to develop their private technology.

The Norwegian Skandianbanken, independent of its Swedish counterpart, is rolling out a new feature which allows customers to integrate their Bitcoin wallets, checking the value of their holdings at the same time they check their bank accounts, as per the cryptocoinsnews.

According to the survey report given by the PricewaterhouseCoopers firms based on 1,300 financial services executives stated that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have covered huge space in the market despite the issues arising due to the regulation of bitcoin. But now the scenario is different now banks and financial firms are not only accepting it but also regulating into their system.

Skandianbanken going to be first among banks to explore blockchain technology and direct integration with the digital currency. R3 the distributed ledger technology firm based in New York. The firm established by the big shot of the finance industry and a work group of largest running banks and financial institutions.

Christoffer Hernaes talking to the European news publication E24, We recognize that this [Bitcoin] is something people want to put their money in… We think it is a better approach than categorical thinking that this is scary.”

At the time of writing, customers of Skandianbanken can connect wallets such as Coinbase into their online banking dashboards, allowing them to see the balance and value of contained within the account. However, being able to actively trade Bitcoin through the bank is still set for the future”- Cryptocoinsnews