The year 2017 has not been less than any roller coaster ride for all the cryptocurrencies in the market. The frequent price change and setting new milestones breaking old is what has been witnessed by each one of us. Now when the bitcoin price has crossed $5,000 the expectation of people involve in cryptocurrencies market has no limit where it comes and settles down.

According to the Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index, the price of bitcoin hits $5,013.91 for 10 minutes. Later price drops below $5,000 and striking the low of $4,867.19. The Chinese Bitcoin exchange OKCoin has recorded the high market value of $5,149.

The growing interest of people in cryptocurrencies been one of the main reason for the growth of the bitcoin market, its value, technology and the interest of investors and traders.

Bitcoin is now on global expansion starting from one-person Satoshi who has been known as a creator of bitcoin. The digital asset has been exploding from one country to another reaching the markets of Japan, South Korea and heading towards India and Africa. The adoption of the cryptocurrency by its users and countries has been a great deal for bitcoin. As with the increasing demand, the price of bitcoin continues to surge and cross its own recorded limits.

The bullish nature of the bitcoin has always remained the fact for investors and users to invest in the cryptocurrency. But now when the price of bitcoin reached $5,000 the surges continue slight low and more on a higher side.