The giant service provider company Ernst & Young now join hands with local bitcoin community, becoming the corporate member of the association in Switzerland.

It’s a huge step taken by any company for the support of bitcoin. The Ernst & Young (EY) Switzerland are opened to receive payment in bitcoin for the service provided. The value of the company began to increase in front of the bitcoin adopter after they collaborated with the Bitcoin Association of Switzerland (BAS); the community belongs to the bitcoin supporters and enthusiasts.

The association is been creating an awareness regarding the bitcoin by multiple ways in events. The BAS announcement states:

“As an Association, we want to pave the way for Bitcoin to flourish and unfold its full potential, Being the first of the Big 4 to get into Bitcoin, the next obvious step for EY was to support our local Bitcoin community by joining the Bitcoin Association as a corporate member. We are very happy to welcome EY to our fast-growing community.”- cryptocoinsnews

The EY Switzerland recently in a year beginning of 2017 started taking bitcoin as a payment for the services such as auditing and advisory provided by the firm. In November 2016 EY installed the bitcoin ATM for its employees and distributed digital wallet app, to purchase any goods using bitcoin.

Over the matter CEO of EY Switzerland, Marcel Stalde said:
“It is important to us that everybody gets on board and prepares themselves for the revolution set to take place in the business world through blockchains, smart contracts, and digital currencies,”