Almost 6 months after the demonetization announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th November 2016. The cash crisis still remains a barrier for Indian citizen for their day to day expenses. Digital currency becoming stronger every day as people are switching to the online transaction rather than cash. After the bank and ATM go out of cash and closed.

Just after the demonitisation the college student and young professionals are the first ones to utilize cryptocurrency by getting a great selling opportunity for the bitcoin they bought at low prices. Many of the student studying bitcoin made a most of demonetisation exercise by selling bitcoin to the bitcoin exchange and getting back the handsome amount at on profitable stage. As the cash crunch leads to the growth of bitcoin price in India.

During the cashless time in India, the bitcoin exchange increased the bitcoin price with the rising demand of digital currency. Citizens using online transaction or transferring money found the bitcoin a great solution to their problem and more than that it became the best investment for the investors and others.

Bitcoin being a decentralized currency has no boundaries. The payment method is fast, safe and secure. The western countries have accepted bitcoin whereas other countries like India and Russia are still examining the virtual currency and seeing bitcoin as an anti-money laundering source. Japan recently made an announcement of making bitcoin as a mode of payment came out as a big news for bitcoiners.

Where can you Use bitcoin?

In the present time, you may find many great opportunities to use bitcoin. Majorly people utilize digital currency as an investment purpose for longer runs. As the investment in digital currency can make you high returns, although there are the chances of high risk but you can make your money 2 to 3 times more in less than a year in comparison to other investment assets or commodity.

The bitcoin gift cards are being launched by bitcoin exchange in India. That can be gifted to anyone in friends or family, from which they can buy a gift from eCommerce platforms accepting bitcoin as payment.

Transfer of funds in less than a minute is possible through bitcoin exchange anywhere around the globe. No form filling or a waste of time in approval. Only a click away!