The conference for the 4th edition of scaling bitcoin is to be held in November 2017 at Stanford University in California.

This event will be held over two days on 4th and 5th of the November month. The discussion over the bitcoin along with the previous events pointing for the unite bitcoin international developer community to direct everyone toward the improvement of technology so that it can hold more users.

Scaling technologies with the both Segregated Witness and Bitcoin-NG will be attending the conference and from the past venues Centre Mont Royal Salon in Montreal, and Hong Kong’s Cyberport district, Politecnico di Milano, in Italy will be present at an event.

In spite the scaling debate is so flamed up these days, the organizers have been indicated in the change of format for the conference. The scaling bitcoin proposal, network and block size would be going to become the topic of the conference.

During the 2016 Scaling Bitcoin conference in Milan, chairman of the host committee Ferdinando Ametrano stated:

“Scaling Bitcoin has strived to consider the complex tradeoffs between decentralization, utility, security and operational realities. Our intent is to aid the technical consensus-building process, in a domain where performance and security are crucial trade-offs.”