Good time for the companies supporting bitcoin network, Recently news released according to which the government authorities like banks (central government) are taking a keen interest in funding the companies working on a Blockchain Research (bitcoin protocol).

The rise in the virtual currency and high demand of bitcoin among the users globally has modified the angle of Government authorities concerning bitcoin network.

The step taken ahead through the legal authorities will be a vast profit for the exposure of bitcoin because the organisation funding an enormous shot of investment on a blockchain technology.

As per the announcement made by the United State Department of Homeland Security (DHS) last week, the organisation are going to be funding 6 companies working on the similar protocol of virtual currency (cryptocurrency).

Blockchain Research Funding

Digital Bazar, Inc., Narf Industries LLC, BlockCypher, Respect Network Corporation, Ram Laboratories Llc, Celebrity Government Solution LLC. These are the name of the startups are going to be accept the worth $100,000 out of $ 3.1 million for blockchain research.

The program formed in 1982, the Small Business Innovation Analysis charter can unleash the money. The DHS report declares the schemes are meant for “blockchain applications for Homeland Security analytics, and the relevance of blockchain technology to identity administration and privacy assurance.”

Earning the great amount from the firm is not a complicated task when you are on the precise track. Same like BlockCypher also serving the high profile company of multinational Finance Institute “Deloitte”. Raised $3.5 million from the firm like AME Cloud Venture, Blockchain Capital, and Jesse Draper.

Homeland Security took an interest in BlockCypher as a result of the API provides many blockchains regarding the information and notification on varied aspects.

DHS Blockchain research

Recently added Ethereum’s blockchain which grants assistance to virtual currencies networks such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

The interest of central authorities and agencies are coming forward with their support to the blockchain rsearch . As per the press release states on 1 June 2016, the ledger advocated explained the concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain to central bank audience took part in from different 90 countries.

Investing in the blockchain technology is going to be useful for the authorities to regulate cyber-crime, ID services, and financial difficulties faced by the officials.