Buying bitcoins through Bitxoxo bitcoin gift card is the simple alternative of receiving your bitcoin instead of buying them directly.

Many BTC traders in India using bitcoin often ask the question is this process is beneficial in a long run or buying bitcoin directly would be preferable?

Here we are with the solution to clear your doubts about Bitxoxo BTC Gift Card.

Detaching payment from bitcoin buying

Usually, buyers get stuck or confused while making the payment for their purchase of bitcoin. Raising the question how to pay for your purchase? The process is slight time-consuming and complicated.

You can switch to the direct online payment method through e-banking facility.  Buying bitcoin gift card or voucher make your work easier and you got to disconnect the payment section while directly getting on the page of obtaining bitcoin.

Get complete control over the rate

The bitcoin exchange rates have been unpredictable from beginning. As observed in past few years the bitcoin rates were going down rapidly than in 2016 it took a great turnover and rise in bitcoin exchange rates is crossing 40,000/- INR now.

In this scenario, it’s profitable to buy a voucher or a bitxoxo bitcoin gift card from the You get the full control over the exchange rate as a customer. You can redeem your gift card and a voucher for bitcoin anytime when you see your profit. And you get the current exchange rate for your redemption.

Simple process for buying Bitxoxo Bitcoin Gift Card

Carrying a bitxoxo bitcoin gift card or voucher can save your precious time in many ways. The one which I don’t like and always want to skip these boring registration criteria to make an account to avail the services from websites.

But with bitxoxo bitcoin gift card, you need not worry because it gives an instant solution to your problems. You don’t need to register yourself for a service.

It’s as simple as you purchase the products from any e-commerce (online store) site. Simply visit the website chooses the amount you wish to have in your (gift card) voucher, give the address and select the payment method.

Now our processing begins from here. We will deliver the gift card or voucher to your home or the address provided by you while placing an order.

The process is short and simple we even send you the code on your mobile that will serve as the access to your bitcoin. You do not need any sort of password or log-in information.

Struggling with bitcoin? Take your time to explore and understand bitcoin

 bitxoxo bitcoin gift card

New to bitcoin? Don’t worry if things seem complicated and you mess-up with all information you hardly have. As every newbie experience this, First time when I came to know about the bitcoin (virtual currency) was going through the same condition as you. Relax! Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Feeling better? Now give it a fresh start in a composed way.

The first step you need to know what is bitcoin?  Then learn about the exchange rate, bitcoin secure codes, bitcoin address and bitcoin wallet.

All this can be very interesting and adventurous but you need to have entire information thoroughly. Try to explore more from the bitcoin voucher. Take your time and get knowledge about bitcoin and redemption of your Bitxoxo Bitcoin Gift Card. You can redeem your voucher anytime when you feel like.

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Make an excellent gift

Arrival of festival, birthdays, friend’s marriage bitcoin voucher (gift cards) make the perfect present for every occasion. It is a unique idea to get a smile on your loved one faces. Easy to order and use. If the recipient does not have the idea about the bitcoin, they can easily see the value of the card and now everyone knows what gift card is and how it works! is offering physical gift cards to its customers. The gift card gets shipped to your doorstep to a given address by you while placing an order within 2-5 business days.  Happy shopping!