When all are going disheartened by the growth of the bitcoins and continues downfall in currency is been detected Bitcoin value got a good rotate within the virtual world making people surprise dealing in bitcoins and exchange like Bitxoxo. In the current scenario, the bitcoin is trading in 38680.93 INR as on 10 June 2016.

Bitcoin declared as the highest trading currency within the year 2016 according to the current records. This digital currency which is accepted globally has gone through several ups and downs within a few months in the year 2016.

The fluctuation was on the height that got settled down at a profitable valuation for all the exchange and dealer of bitcoin. Going back to the past i.e. the same day of the year 2015 the trading price of bitcoin was 15309.39 INR that implies the rise of 138% is been seen in a year.

Let’s look at the reasons that turn bitcoin value high in exchange

High demand in Asian Countries

The demand for purchasing bitcoin is increasing day by day in Asian countries. Due to high demand bitcoin value going up very fast ,  Creating immense profit and rise in the value of currency. However, this is not only the reason for the price hike. The concern of economic crises in china is additionally an enormous reason for the increase in the digital currency.

Investors to save their assets and place making a huge investment in the bitcoin. A large number of Chinese shifting towards the digital currency investment and purchasing assets like gold to cut back market crises.

Easy and Reliable Transaction

The transaction made through bitcoin is very convenient, economical and fast. There is no involvement of third-party or wasting of time in approval. It’s a peer-to-peer process which means you can easily send or receive money just by connecting a network with another user network. The transaction can be executed globally as many online shopping sites are also coming forward and accepting bitcoin throughout the acquisition of their assets.

Developing Technology affecting bitcoin value

The spectacular impact is noticed in 2016 about bitcoin creating public interest towards the digital currency. The users connecting with bitcoin are kept on increasing day by day everywhere the globe because they are seeing growth in bitcoin value. This digital currency is developing in every means and gives great comfort to its users. The apps launched like digital wallets providing high security and 24×7 facilities to send or receive the volume from anyplace and anytime are the great attraction for the public.

bitcoin value increase

Contracting Supply

An essential characteristic of bitcoin is that new coins is to be created or “mined” that are attached to the rotation not like decree currencies wherever governments will print contemporary bills. Once a fresh bitcoin is mined, a record of it is joined to the blockchain that is completely a large entry recording all bitcoin transactions.

Each bitcoin miners is rewarded with a group of bitcoins for every block they mine successfully. Miners accustomed to earning a bounty of fifty bitcoins, however, it was divided in 2012 to forestall bitcoin inflation and it’s expected to halve once more within the upcoming periods, probably heading to supply side currency constraints.