Getting up to the lowest of the year Bitcoin is regaining its best bitcoin price from the lowest recorded value to 20% high within a week.

Bitcoin never lets down its user, the recorder higher trade of bitcoin reached nearly $2,680 on 17th June from the lowest price of $2,185 of the same month.

Several assumption debates are taking place regarding the cryptocurrency volatile nature and the up gradation of bitcoin technology. For which the CNBC contributor and founder of BKMC, Brian Kelly proposed his opinion saying, “A proposal was accepted to merge the two upgrade methods, making them compatible and we have seen a relief rally on this progress.”Continuing his statement, he said, “reduces the threat of a coin split, but we are not out of the woods yet. The miners still need to agree to this merged upgrade.”

The development of Bitcoin is creating a fuzz between many. As the future of bitcoin is depended on a network developer, who made the announcement that BIP148 and SegWit2x, the two opposed processes for the up gradation of the cryptocurrency system. The division of bitcoin is set to go by coming summer or not, but the rift between the investors is on.