The bitcoin on its high all-time in April. The cryptocurrency has been increasing in a dramatic way in April after the downfall in past few months.

Presently bitcoin is trading its all-time high reaching $1,338 on BPI Thursday; the Bitstamp Price Index (BPI) data shows the highest of 8% in prominent digital currency.

On 26th April the BTC price crossed $1,300 making month high. Dropping down $1,285 to the end of the day (UTC) for a short time. The trading began at price $1,287 on Thursday, Bitcoin backed up to $1,310 at 06:00. The spike occurred at 13:15 when the value shot up to $1,327 in a 60-minute. By 15:30, bitcoin price hit a new monthly BPI high of $1,338. The bitcoiners getting great value to sell bitcoin and buy bitcoin value is increasing with huge positive expectation.

According to the bitcoin Average, the bitcoin value boosted by $1,331 high throughout the week. Digital currency acceptance in the countries is a positive growth for the bitcoin. Retailers in Japan associating with bitcoin companies as legal tender. Countries like India and Russia the huge marketers are also looking to regulate the digital currency.

Bitcoin has gained the value among the traders after the news release by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to review the Winklevoss brother’s application, bitcoin ETF after rejecting it once. Bitcoin being bullish in the month of April, the value raised by 20%.