Bitcoin Price shows a continuous surge of five days. The price of bitcoin hit the highest figure of $2,833 today since it started rising from 23 July.

This week has been the most beneficial five days for the rise of bitcoin price and the stability of cryptocurrency against the dollar. The price of the digital asset bitcoin gone low of $2,433 on Wednesday and the highest traded figure noted on 21st July was $2,889.

There may be the chance for the fluctuation in the price of bitcoin in coming weeks. The scaling proposal of bitcoin is arriving with the unknown twists scheduled for 1st August with the activation of SegWit (Segregated Witness) or BIP 148.

The following fork will bring certain changes to blockchain and cryptocurrency, where the cryptocurrency will see its first huge fork of live blockchain and on the other hand some businesses and miners are prepared to create a different and separate project termed as Bitcoin Cash.

The price of bitcoin is currently trading at $300, while few days left for the fork activation, it’s very difficult to predict what would be the impact of scaling project at the price of cryptocurrency.