The price of bitcoin is showing frequent changes in its figure since the China ban on cryptocurrencies and ICO’s including the news of bitcoin exchange shutdown came in public. However, the recent surge in bitcoin proved that these kinds of news cannot affect the pricing of cryptocurrencies for long period of time.

The price of bitcoin reached $4,000 once again and the level of maintaining the set record came down within few hours of the Monday. The analyst of the market has been keeping the eye on cryptocurrencies trending chart and looking on the both sides it is to see where the price of bitcoin will be leading us again.

Looking at the charts, the bitcoin was opened at $3,858.09 in morning. The recorded range of today’s low set at $3,811.14 and currently trading high at $3,882 according to the coindesk, Bitcoin Price Index.

As per the sources and market analyst, the price of bitcoin may set between $3855 to $3890.