Bitcoin with the start of the year 2017 the price of bitcoin was trading around $900. The later surge continued and price reached above $19,000 by the year-end.
Bitcoin has shown the massive price surge in the same year which was unbelievable for the bitcoin analyst and investors.
By the December first week, bitcoin price continuous surged marked the highest rise in bitcoin from $900 to approx. $20,000 according to the Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index in 12 months.
The cryptocurrency has been a most talked topic this year where Japan being the most favorable country for bitcoin in acceptance and allowing it as a mode of payment to retailers in the country and on the other side China bans the cryptocurrency and shut down the bitcoin exchanges such as Huobi, OKcoin and BTCC.
The news break down the market and price came down from all time high which later surged by the massive rise in few weeks.
Beyond the suspension of bitcoin and unregulated ICOs by China, the price of bitcoin shows the bullish trend in its price by crossing $10,000.
The price of bitcoin touched the all-time high of $19783.21 on 17 December according to the Coindesk.
The price once again drops below $11,000 with the 30 percent loss in its value. The surge once again continued with price crossed above $16,000 on all popular exchanges of cryptocurrency.
The present time bitcoin trading at $13408.86 according to Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index.
The price is still expected to reach $20,000 by the year 2018 beginning. The analyst and investors believing with the high potential in cryptocurrency in the coming year which is yet to see.