A new week with new expectation on a price of bitcoin. Last week was been quite fluctuating for the bitcoin price. By the end of the weekend, the bitcoin price settles down with heading high from the temporary price fall in the cryptocurrency.

It’s time to keep an eye on the market. As by the Sunday night, the bitcoin price drops below temporary by 4000-threshold but by the start of the new week, Monday morning bitcoin trading regained its price from temporary fall.

The price of bitcoin can reach $5000 this year is being predicted by the analyst of bitcoin. As we are looking for the target on bitcoin price is fluctuation slightly from $4000 and on many other positions sometimes high and low.

This week may show high volatility in bitcoin price but it is hard to assume whether the position of figures will be coming down or crossing its own set limits. The current trade price of bitcoin at the time of article post is $4,099.18 down by 0.29 percent.