The bitcoin market is going through several ups and downs from past few days. The reports on ICO’s and bitcoin exchange are affecting the price of bitcoin. After surging so high and setting the record figure among the cryptocurrencies. The price of bitcoin once again drops below $4,000.

The price of bitcoin was on the recovery mode when suddenly around 3:15 UTC today the value of bitcoin crashed across all the Bitcoin exchange in the world by 12 percent. The cryptocurrency industry again testing the figures of $4, 000, where the price tumbling between $3,800 to $4,000.

It is hard to say what effect the crypto currencies market. But the trends of rumors coming across the country been shaking the finance market to the roots. The reports from China that the central government planning to suspend operations of all leading bitcoin exchange in the country was been the disturbing one for cryptocurrencies market to remain stable.

Seeing to the recent reports there is no such action has been taken against the bitcoin and the bitcoin exchange in China. Presently all the exchanges are well performing and in operation mode. As they have not received or informed regarding any regulation from the Chinese government about trade, buy and sell bitcoin.