Bitcoin surprises every bitcoin enthusiast by its sudden rise in price on Friday it made $1,900 and just remained $50 away reaching the best bitcoin rate of the week that is $2,000.

As we have seen the continued surge in bitcoin value in the past few weeks due to the high trading records in the Asian countries. The approval of bitcoin as a legal currency and the use of retailer in Japan also hit the new record that has doubled bitcoin value.

According to the reports, the Market Cap of bitcoin reached approx. $32 billion from $3.7 billion since Monday. Thus, not only bitcoin the other cryptocurrencies market capitalization also gained 11.3 billion USD in the same week.

The rising price of bitcoin is the good news for all bitcoin enthusiasts and traders, but some analyst and entrepreneur Vinny Lingham is not very happy with the rising bitcoin rate and said:

“Not healthy in my opinion, but clearly everyone else knows best, I’ll just wait and see.” – cointelegraph