The bitcoin gaming platform has recently given a prize sum of 154.3 BTC in a single week. The award money is distributed among the 11 players of roulette game. The bitcoin gaming platforms have paid the total over 1,000 BTC as a prize sum in last 6 months.

Bitcoin gaming platforms are of keen interest to earn free bitcoin just by playing few popular games like Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Dice, Keno and Slots. The bitcoin gaming platforms are getting a huge popularity. The increasing demand of gaming platform makes the constant adding of new title and prizes for the games. The bitcoin games are safe and secure as any other gaming website. Player offered with the option of both Authy and Google Authenticator to ensure the safety of their account with two-factor authentication

The latest jackpot was won by the player on the platform of Roulette game. Where players can make the best out of the best just by selecting ‘Play 1 credit’ button. The button qualifies the player for Progressive Roulette wins.

While the increasing growth of cryptocurrency and its developing platforms. The Bitcoin Gaming platform also made multiple changes to their gaming platform to give the player a great experience of fast transaction and network. These platforms give their users a great time saver opportunity by providing them an option to place their bet in any sort of cryptocurrency they are available with, for which the games are integrated with Shapeshift for a hassle-free experience in the gaming world.