When everyone is talking about cryptocurrency around the globe and traders are focusing more on them. There are many who don’t even know about the word exist like digital currency. By noticing the market the famous application Stockfolio app exclusively available on OSX has decided to add bitcoin and altcoins price support and bring virtual currency in the mainstream.

Where bitcoin and other virtual currencies are becoming a great option for investment for the people. The Stockfolio app move may take it to another high level I the financial market. The app would be of huge help for the traders and users of bitcoin and altcoins to track their stock portfolio.

As of now, the bitcoin would be next to be added to the list of cryptocurrencies in Stockfolio application. Currently, the stockfolio supporting two altcoins and the virtual currency litecoins and ethereum price can be tracked in real time from the app. The service like a news update regarding cryptocurrency is built-in in the app with all other necessary tools.

The financial application Stockfolio is yet to be approved by many of the recognized companies like Apple. However, the technologies like financial apps are facing a bit hard time in the market regarding the virtual currency. But now the situation is different when people and nations have started accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. That has increased the chances of the financial app to be the best running app to track the cryptocurrencies in future.